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So lets just begin with the elephant in the room - the name. I am remarried, and the book was written when I was married the first time. As I said, I believe that life was meant to be enjoyed. If you are consistently sad and stressed, then you need to figure out what needs to be corrected - yourself or your situation. We cannot change people. No worries though. God is good and He worked it all out for my good.

My husband is Anthony Montague, a retired chaplain from the Army. We are together by "Divine Design." Oh, that's an in person conversation. You'll have to invite me to share at your event for the story of that 23 year delay.

I have two adult children who live in Germany with their families - one I birthed and the other I chose. And I have one bonus adult child who lives in VA with her family. 

My children are parents, but "Grandma" sounds too old for me, so anyone who thinks that is what I am, should instead call me Naimee - an endearing name given to me by a child I once knew. 

Feel free to stop me at anytime. I tend to talk a lot. 
But I'd like to know  a little about you. Like, where do you live?

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